Fostering with Broken Arrow

Broken Arrow Residential Treatment Services is a licensed children’s residential program operating within the province of Ontario. We provide a family-based treatment program designed to meet the needs of children and youth from birth to the age of 18. There are no significant restrictions based on age, gender, culture, length of stay, in-care status and family history.

Broken Arrow Residential Treatment Services shall ensure that services offered consider and respect the diversity of the children, youth and their families.  Broken Arrow will provide an environment that takes into account;

  • Identity
  • Culture
  • Heritage
  • Traditions
  • Linguistics
  • Connections to community
  • The concept of extended family/family diversity
  • Disability
  • Sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression

Where a child or youth’s first language is French, Broken Arrow will make every effort to provide services in the French language.

Indigenous children and youth will have every opportunity to participate in cultural activities either through their band or participation in the activities of other local bands.

Referrals to the program are thoroughly reviewed to determine whether a suitable program can be developed to meet the needs of a specific child/youth. We do not look to a child/youth to fit the mould of the program, but rather we will develop an individual treatment program based on the current and future needs of the youth.

Our Treatment Foster parents are the primary treatment providers, and they are supported by a number of built-in program supports including a team of Child and Youth Counsellors and a Case Manager. Each child and youth placed with Broken Arrow will receive ongoing clinical support which might include specialized programming or direct clinical support provided by Child and Youth Counsellors which is designed to both compliment and enhance the treatment process.  A Case Manager is responsible for the overall management of each placement and for ensuring that treatment goals are established and regularly reviewed. The Case Managers provide support to the Treatment Foster Parents on a minimum bi-weekly basis and are responsible for the overall implementation of the plan of care. Foster parents are also supported by ongoing monthly training, regular weekend relief and access to a 24-hour emergency after-hours system. The Clinical Director oversees the entire treatment process.